Feminine Confidence
with love coach
Luba Evans

7.30 pm - 10 pm Watertown Healing Center
17 Spring St, Watertown, MA 

 Luba Evans, M.S., C.HT, Certified NLP Coach, Master Love Coach, Harvard Speaker 
Let me ask you 4 simple questions:
  • Do you want to be more confident & comfortable when you interact with people, especially men that you are attracted to?
  • Do you want to lead with your feminine so that masculine successful men would find you irresistible?
  • ​Do you want to know the exact 3 secret questions to ask, in order to know if he is the "relationship material" and stop wasting time on wrong guys?
  • ​And finally, do you want to learn the 4 golden steps that will take you from feeling lonely and hopeless to having it all: magnetic chemistry, emotional closeness and unconditional soulmate love?
😍❤️💕💕🦋This is my life.
And if you said "Yes" to any of these questions,
and if you want this for yourself - 
You’ve come to the right place!

I’ll teach you the exact tools and strategies that my private clients use, to become successful in their love life and make the next "forever" relationship the most profound love they ever had.

I’ve done this myself, and provided this transformation for thousands - and I know exactly what it takes no matter how you look, and how old you are.

I went from an overweight, insecure, sad immigrant girl to a magnetic, confident woman, who has an amazing life partner, turns heads, runs a online empire and enjoys an extraordinary love that inspires others.

I went from a server at "Dunkin Donuts" to a Harvard Speaker, leader of feminine empowerment movement, building my own retreat center, and providing empowerment for thousands of women.

This workshop is unique, potent, and captures the best of all of my foundational teachings for healing your Love Blueprint, leading with the feminine and getting powerful communication (texting and conversation) to attract and keep an exciting man who will truly love you.
The world needs more women in love...
Would you like to be one of them?
I met my soulmate just 2 weeks after signing up for Irresistible Feminine Confidence! 

Luba is genuine, highly intuitive and kick-ass when it comes to getting you to show up, shine & meet the guy of your dreams. The support I’ve received from Luba, her team and the online sisterhood community has been incredible.”
Gale Rose
5 Core Masteries Of  Irresistible Feminine Confidence
How To Go From "Stuck" to a Confident, Magnetic, 
Highly Desirable Feminine Woman 
Who Enjoys The Relationship Of Her Dreams

Overcome negative thoughts, self-judgement and fear of being “not good enough”.

Clear your subconscious mind from associations of love with pain, which makes you attract wrong men.

Instead, heal your Love Blueprint, fall in love with your body and soul, and start attracting AAA men - attractive, authentic and available.

Understand and release the limiting beliefs which are keeping your stuck on your journey of attracting true soulmate love.

When we deeply believe that "all good men are taken", or "there is nobody there for me", or "men I like are never attracted to me", or "the right person will show up, when I am spending every night at home on a coach, in a relationship with a glass of wine, ice-cream, roommate or a pet" - those disempowering beliefs are costing us LOVE.

Understand men and learn how to think, act, flirt and text like a high value feminine desirable woman, which activates their chasing instinct and triggers their Superman's urge.

Knowing how to communicate as a high value woman will get you second dates, third dates, his desire to call you the One and that shining ring on your finger that you have always wanted. 

Learn how to create instant emotional connection and become irreplaceable to a man you choose, without getting "friend-zoned".

This is so important in the current dating landscape where men have so many possibilities. It is absolutely crucial to become the one and the only goddess in his world, so that he would never think of another woman.

And if you have somebody in mind right now - this will work on him, and you will be surprised to see how he looks at you with love in his eyes after our "instant emotional connection" technique.

Learn the 4 golden steps that you need to take to have it all: magnetic chemistry, emotional closeness and unconditional soulmate love.

I will personally show you what you need to do next in order to celebrate your next birthday with the love of your life, like 86% of my clients do!

Dear Woman!

If you are sick and tired of unfulfilling dating attempts and painful relationships, and you are ready to call in that last "forever" love - you absolutely have to come to the Irresistible Feminine Confidence event.

This is the right opportunity if you are ready to UPGRADE your love life.

Get ready to look in the mirror and GLOW like never before after this workshop.

Want to attract your soulmate and be the happiest woman alive?

This IS the event and the community you’ve been searching for. (And it’s so much FUN!)

It’s time to live as a Magnetic Diva, having the love life that will make you jump with joy!

The skills I'll show you just plain work, and you'll prove that to yourself by seeing an immediate improvement during the fun exercises we'll be doing. The before and after will be very VERY clear.

Would you like to have the skill to attract the kind of relationship you want... 

Then come on November 9th (Saturday) at 7.30 pm in Watertown.
Your Host is Luba Evans, Love Coach, Harvard Speaker, Thought Leader.

Luba Evans shares stage with other world-renowned experts, such as… Arielle Ford, Alison Armstrong, Susan Bratton and Katherine Woodward Thomas just to name a few.

Luba Evans was born in Russia. She carries the wisdom and secret methods of the Russian women who are known to be simply irresistible to men. 

Luba Evans is a coach to coaches. Recently, she was featured in Harvard Business Expert Forum as one of the world’s top 5 leading love and dating coaches. Her specialty is helping powerful women win in their dating life the way they are winning in their career, without going on hundreds of dates or settling for an unexciting prospect. 

Luba has a former corporate career as an international entrepreneur consulting clients like United Nations, The Smithsonian and CNN.

Luba has helped thousands of women win in love, faster and easier than they ever thought possible, no matter their age or shape.

Some come to Luba after trying everything else under the sun - courses, coaching, therapy, matchmaking. Luba is the last bridge - the hand that takes you to the victory even if everything else has failed.

Luba says: "The stats of finding a great guy are stacked against us, but you only need One guy, and with our methods, we will find him, and he will be yours, proposing and being grateful for every moment he spends with you. That is a given if you follow my methods. Failure is not an option."
How it Works + What you Get:
  • 3 Hour Workshop "Irresistible Woman Intensive"
  • Bonus: 30 Minute Tarot Or Astrology Love Reading ($125 Value)
  • 24/7 Facebook Support Group 
  • New* - Bring Your Friend For FREE!!!
  • It is ONLY $25
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